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Server: bgeeb Vmware Sevr1 IP: Sevr2 IP: Sevr3 IP: Sevr4 IP: A: Hi use Wireshark to capture the traffic. In your case you will be capturing ICMP packets. You can use regex to filter those packets to those that contain the message "Dead 2/nosteam " Once you have captured the traffic, see if the 2/nosteam packet contains 2 and a connection to an specific machine (eg: If it doesn't find any connection it means the dead machine is not alive. There is no need to collect more information. For example, ipv6 or ipv4 traffic. If the dead machine is connected to the machine you are trying to find it, it will give you all the information you need to resolve the issue. Anyway, it seems to me that your client is not sending any ICMP message to the dead machine. Q: create new schema with given name in hive How do I create a new schema named Test in HIVE. I have the following code CREATE SCHEMA Test; But it shows error. Please help. A schema is a SQL concept. It is not a hive concept. You cannot create a schema in Hive. To create a schema in Hive you need to use CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE. So you would need to create a table in Hive with this schema, and then create the external table and load it. How do I create an instance of a mocked class and then use it in a method in Ruby? The mock_calls are actually getting called. However, the second line throws an error. I'm also pretty sure I'm not properly mocking this: def ensure_the_user_has_all_permissions! user = create_the_




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